About us

  Zhejiang Deqing Lanya Fiber Co., Ltd. is a high-temperature crystal refractory manufacturing company. We are committed to providing customers with energy efficient products and quality services, products include: polycrystalline mullite fiber, alumina fiber, ceramic fiber, and a variety of fiber products; fiber module; fiber resistance furnace; high temperature adhesives.

  The company is located in Hangzhou suburb, cool world Moganshan Dong Lu, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal which runs through the convenient transportation, advanced communications network.

  The company has advanced refractory manufacturing process technology. Products are widely used in metallurgy, electronics, machinery, ceramics, glass, chemical, military, research institutes and other high temperature industrial furnace industry; heating equipment; thermal insulation engineering. Energy-saving effect is very obvious, while providing engineering design, installation, construction and maintenance.

Companies adhering to the "brand with integrity, create value for customers," the marketing idea, sincerely welcome friends study guide, work together to seek common development.

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